About Us

Lineamp comes from the idea of simplifying music listening.
It lets you listen to free music online.

You have access to the vastest music library existent today, with also live exhibitions, lyrics versions, full albums, podcasts, indie artists and much more.
Type in new songs when they come to mind, don't worry about searching, filtering, adding songs to a particular playlist or playing one song/video at a time, just type in new songs and you're creating your playlist already.

Lineamp takes advantage of the latest Google technology, built as a PWA you can use it in the browser, or download it as standalone app both on your computer and mobile.
What does it mean for you using Lineamp? For example that you won't need to download updates, or that you can access it from any device by going on lineamp.com, you can add it to your phone apps from there, without the need of an app store, but also other interesting features in the near future.
Visit our how to install page to install Lineamp on your desktop in 4 simple steps.
Are you on mobile? Click on the browser menu and choose "Add to homescreen".


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