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A different approach, write your playlists

- Type in titles as if it was a blank note and play them.

- Drag or swipe, to reorder or delete titles.

- Save and share your playlists or individual titles.

- Login to sync your playlists among multiple devices.


Choose the format

Play live versions by adding the word “live” to your search. Similarly you can search for “lyrics” versions, “hq” versions, but also “full album”, “cover”, “original” and more.

Listen to

free music online

, just type in any artist, album, live concert, podcast, mix, and much more.

Easy, fast,
minimal effort

Type new titles at the bottom of the list as they come to your mind, and they’ll queue for you.

Keep the default “Autoplay” button on and the Infinite-play mode will start once the last title in the list finishes. Lineamp will search and play related titles, trying to avoid repetitions.

If you’re out of ideas, you can watch at the Related titles, situated below the video, and add them to your list.

Infinite play feature Related titles feature

Discover titles

The Auto-complete feature suggests you titles related to your search while you type.

Use the Discography feature to discover new titles from your favorite artists.